Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Step Toward My God-sized Dream

I love reading Holley Gerth's posts. I'm attempting to set out with her and other women on our path to our God-sized dreams. Each week, we take one step toward making our dreams a reality. It doesn't matter if that step is a small or tiny one. It still counts.

Without realising it, I took a big step last week when I started a blog and wrote my first post on my God-sized dream. I couldn't have done that without help from my teen-aged daughter who is a lot more technology-savvy than I am. Since then, I have written two more posts and this is my fourth one.

I must confess, I love doing this. I've always enjoyed keeping a journal, but blogging sure takes journaling to a whole new level!

It's great to discover things that bring pleasure and enjoyment. Especially after having been through storms that you thought you weren't going to make it through. When you thought: this must surely be the end.

But with God, that's just the beginning. The time when we come to the end of ourselves is the time He steps in and takes over.

And His love that I thought I'd known comes through at a deeper level in fresh, new ways.

It is this love that I want to experience more. Because I now realise that what I have experienced is only a foretaste of what is to come; a pinch of what is available. There is so much more to enjoy, to share with others, to fall in love with Jesus together.....

It is my hope to keep on journaling, and blogging, and to write that book.....

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  1. I'm so glad you stepped out and started this blog. Enjoyed this post, Sara. Looks like we have very similar goals... to keep journaling, blogging and writing... to know God more fully. Best wishes to you and keep on writing !

    1. Thanks, Brooke! Appreciate your comment! All the best to you, too!