Tuesday, 8 January 2013

God-sized Dream

A God-sized dream? That sounds so huge, so far and so out of reach....

But a desire in the depths of my heart that I would like to see fulfilled one day? That, I do have.

It's to write a book about all the things that have happened in my life up to this point. Because I feel a number of significant things have happened and it would be such a waste not to write them down and share them. Maybe others can relate to the feelings that go with each of those events. Maybe my experiences are not all that extraordinary. Maybe, just maybe I can encourage someone and that will make my burden seem less heavy, my pain less pointless. And maybe I will feel encouraged at the thought of being able to encourage someone.

For we're not meant to go through life alone. Heart experiences are meant to be shared so that we can learn from each other, as well as to draw strength and comfort from one another. Has anyone discovered that it is easier at times to encourage others than ourselves?

I've often joked that the stories of my life would fill a book. So maybe it's time to take this mammoth task to hand and start taking steps towards its fulfilment. Put away those "you're not good enough" thoughts and fears that are screaming for my attention.

Baby steps if need be, one step at a time.........as I take hold of the hand of the One who has brought me this far and who promises to walk the rest of the way with me......

Here's to having taken the first step in writing this post!

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  1. Go Sara! You are so right in saying that baby steps are the way to begin. Don't try to get ahead of God or do it all in one breath, but instead allow His Spirit to work in you and through you achieve your dream - which is His dream too!
    xo Rachael

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Love your comment and reminder not to strive but to rest in Him to bring forth this dream which comes from Him!

      God bless you on your journey to your dreams!